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Last updated: January 11, 2019
About Us

We are a club made up of a diverse range of riders and bikes, brought together by a common desire to enjoy and participate in motorcycle riding. 
Formed out of a group of friends who enjoyed riding and touring, and officially incorporated in 1975, the ORMTC is one of the longest continually operating motorcycle clubs in Australia. 

Our strength lies in our diversity. With around 30 members there is always someone to join you on your journey. 

Club activities include day rides, overnight camping trips and long weekend tours. There are social outings and the chance to participate in skill enhancement courses. Above all else there is the friendship and support of like minded individuals. 
It doesn't matter what you ride, only that you do ride and enjoy yourself doing so. Whether you're a new rider on a 250cc bike, someone returning to riding, or a seasoned rider you can find a place in the ORMTC.

Club Events 
Runs are held each month on the weekend following the club meeting and the Sunday two weeks after that. Day runs vary in length from 100km to 600km, while overnight and long weekend tours allow the club to venture farther afield. All runs are planned well in advance by at least two club members. Runs are led by the Run Leader, with a Tail End Charlie following the last rider to ensure a degree of safety for all who attend. Each rider can set their own pace, whether it be a leisurely journey or some more spirited riding. A first aid and basic motorcycle repair kit is carried on all rides. For those interested in off-road, the ORATS organise an overnighter on the weekend between the other two rides. 

The club participates in a variety of other events including Charity and Awareness Rides, Rallies and inter-club challenges. 

Come along as a visitor for a few rides, if you like the club then at one of the meetings you can be nominated for membership. For new members there is also a one-off nomination fee of $5. Thereafter, fees are $30 a year. 

Learner riders are not permitted to visit on Club Runs, try a couple of Social Rides first. 
Learners must ride with their own licenced shadow.

ORATS Adventure Riding
Open Road All Terrain Section. Not to miss the roads that aren't sealed, pack your camping gear and visit some great destinations and routes with as little bitumen as possible. Test your skills navigating sand, mud holes and all types of gravel roads, but for road legal bikes only.
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Contact us

Phone Ivan (webmaster) on 042 777 1728

E-mail us at ormtcwa@iinet.net.au

Write to us c/- P.O. Box 714, Victoria Park, W.A. 6979

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We welcome your suggestions, ideas and comments.  Help us to make this a useful and enjoyable place to visit
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New meeting venue!
139 Kewdale Road

Get there by 6:30pm to join our table for dinner.
Plenty of parking!
Coming Events 

January 13th      Social Ride with Russell and E-J (go karts)

January 26th - 28th   Long weekend to Walpole with Mark and Nic

February 4th      Monthly Club meeting - the Kewdale

February 10th    Club Run with Hans and Peter

February 24th     Social Ride with Fred and Russell

March 4th    Annual General Meeting - the Kewdale

March 10th Club Run with Fred and E-J

March 24th Social Ride with Peter and Ivan

ORATS Adventure Riding
26th - 28th January, 

anyone interesed
ring Nic on 0427 999 135

Next Club Run

January Social Ride 

with Russell and E-J
            Sunday, 13th January 

Starting from: McDonald's Midland                   
               Arrive 11am for 11:30 departure

                       Go karts in Canning Vale at 4pm

Please call Russell on 0408 117 064 for more information

or  phone the 
Tour Master Fred on 040 358 4422 for more general ride information.
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